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a term of endearment for people who piss you off.
kevin, you're such a freakin' dushe bag!
by christin budziszewski October 17, 2003
It's spelt douche you incompetent fucking fools. Also- you dont stick the bag in, the bag is attached to a douche nozzle which is inserted into the vaginal opening. so, before you make a joke, check you fucking facts
fuck you "dushe bag"
by Andrew FUCKING Prowten March 05, 2006
a bag u shove up your cunt to clean it . mainly for old crusty pussies
crystal lewis need a giant dushe bag to clean that nasty ass cunt!
by porn man September 19, 2003
a bag used to clean ones vagina after sex
Dude that was such good sex but i have to go clean my self with a dushe bag
by frank oharis November 07, 2003
some fag u hate or an old fashon tampon
dushebags wear holster
by David Ay May 27, 2007
u stick this thing up ur choosie and then squeeze...it is normally for older women who need a cleaning in their vagina
i stuck the dushe bag up my ass before reading the instructions.
by keri June 14, 2003