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- People with curly greasy mullets are commonly referred to as "durps"
yea see that nerd over there, yea him with curly mullet, what a durp...
by Ding Chavez March 17, 2004
First said by my friend about 10 years ago, also appears on South Park. To me and all I know, durp is just a duh word.
Or if you do something stupid, like throw a hammer up in the air and try to hit your head.
How do you say 'T-h-e'?
DURP! *bitchslap*

(after purposely tripping yourself) DURP!
a word used by joey that has no real meaning
joey says durp when he doesnt know what to say
by Daniela April 05, 2003
A new relationship being strongly criticized, talked about, and questioned until it is established.
Harry Potter: Oy Ron, you and Hermione are in quite a durp!

Ron: Yeah mate but at least i'm gettin some
by JennaKicksAss! March 15, 2008
a salutation, the new sup
Durp guys what's going on?
by Samuel October 15, 2003
Bad weed....not able to satisfy your high.
I smoke dat gud.....you smoke dat durp!
by Chato 4rom Da 214 February 26, 2007
DURPER~! describing a person, when you want to insult someone call them a durper.
nick youre a durper!!

(nick you are a retard and no one likes you!)
by Dannizzlee' October 07, 2005