First said by my friend about 10 years ago, also appears on South Park. To me and all I know, durp is just a duh word.
Or if you do something stupid, like throw a hammer up in the air and try to hit your head.
How do you say 'T-h-e'?
DURP! *bitchslap*

(after purposely tripping yourself) DURP!
a word used by joey that has no real meaning
joey says durp when he doesnt know what to say
by Daniela April 05, 2003
The word Durp comes from dip shit. Originally "Durp Shurt", it was quickly shortened to durp. Since that was more easier to say.
Ted: I hate peta!

Fred: Yeah! There a buncha durps!


Bob: Your a DURP!

Rob: WTF does that mean?
by WarrenOfDurp August 07, 2008
A new relationship being strongly criticized, talked about, and questioned until it is established.
Harry Potter: Oy Ron, you and Hermione are in quite a durp!

Ron: Yeah mate but at least i'm gettin some
by JennaKicksAss! March 15, 2008
a salutation, the new sup
Durp guys what's going on?
by Samuel October 15, 2003
Bad weed....not able to satisfy your high.
I smoke dat smoke dat durp!
by Chato 4rom Da 214 February 26, 2007
DURPER~! describing a person, when you want to insult someone call them a durper.
nick youre a durper!!

(nick you are a retard and no one likes you!)
by Dannizzlee' October 07, 2005

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