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Another name for marijuana.
Yo man!...got any durp?
DDDuuudddee you look hella durped!
JIM: "Man! I bored"
Friend: "Lets go smoke some Durp"
Both: YAAAA!!!!
by mark gio December 03, 2007
When you burn someone.
When a friend orders stuffed crust pizza and you eat it all except for one little piece with no crust. When they see this you yell DURP! and proceed to laugh your ass off.
by Jay February 14, 2004
another word for dumb ass
ryan, your such a durp.
by ryan November 26, 2003
The word Durp comes from dip shit. Originally "Durp Shurt", it was quickly shortened to durp. Since that was more easier to say.
Ted: I hate peta!

Fred: Yeah! There a buncha durps!


Bob: Your a DURP!

Rob: WTF does that mean?
by WarrenOfDurp August 07, 2008
duh or like durf. o like no shyt.
priscilla: dudee i think he took too much drinks
(kid is stubbling and throwning up everywhere)
micaa: durp dummass. now pick him up
by evaa :] December 28, 2007
Slang developed in Massively Multiplayer Online Games.
Literal tranlsation: Don't Use Role Play
Can reference something that is patently false
Can reference any sort of drama
Bathsheba: I so love you man.
Gnormous: Durp


Sarissa: This guy who I liked? He's like still hitting on me. And I used to like him but now I don't know? So I am asking everyone I know what I should do? What do you think?

Dharma: Durp. This is real life. Stop the drama.
by Le Elohm September 07, 2006
The dribbling of a small amount of phlegm from the the side of one's mouth, possibly as a result of eating soap. Often, durps can be caught in mid-swing, and this is known as a durp double-backfire (or DDB).
"Hey man, careful, you're doing a durp. Get that shit sucked in or it'll drip onto your pants."

"Oh my god he just did a durp!"
by Matt + Sned August 07, 2005