The word that describes someone when they have no brain in their head. No thoughts of importance, pretty much just a big Dumbass!
That kid is such a durp!

I am surrounded by so many durps in this town!
by Talberto October 27, 2004
A penis that was been worked/handled too hard and is spewing blood from the tip.
Durp victim, "Man that girl last night practically ripped my dick off, I had the biggest durp"

Friend, "ROFL. Stop picking up $4 hookers then you damn fool!"
by OopiSnoopi July 04, 2010
The equivalent to 3 sips of one's beverage.
Yo Bintner, lemme get a durp of that Jones.
by poooooge June 11, 2010
sudden ejaculation or owned by racial slander
that niggeer got durped on
by suk me off April 10, 2010
The ability for one to create a mindset where he/she truly believes that playing/practicing trumpet is harder and more difficult than playing a sport like Football (American).
David: "Playing trumpet is harder than sports."
Scott: "Harder than Lacrosse?"
David: "Yes, Trumpet is the best and hardest thing to do in the world,"
Scott: "The only way playing trumpet could be harder than a sport would be if you were playing trumpet and busting at the same time,"
David: "You guys are asshole,"
Scott: "This kid is a Durp,"
by redskull224 July 07, 2009
Doing nothing significant.or saying nothing significant

Jill what are you doing
god, your a durper
by Daboo760 March 04, 2008
meaning "your so fucking stupid of course!" often a synomymn with dur-da-dur and the movement of the hand meaning retard
girl#1= "does johnny like me?"
girl#2= "durp! what kind of question is that? dur-da-dur!!
by i love zavian February 07, 2010
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