small Short arsed person - northern stylee. Bit of a secret squirrel.
fucking hell youre small you must be Durks from Burnley
by April 08, 2006
adj.-used when refering to the excluded girl in the group
N.-the mayo that secretes out of the exluded girl
Verb- to bust a load
adj.-ex.- yo corey look at that girl over there... she's durkin face right now

Noun- ex.- dude i bet she has durk comming out of that nasty stinky hole

verb.-ex.- i just durked all over that BIATCH
by aguiyfacedgirl November 05, 2009
A term for a boy who loves Cannibal Corpse more than women.
"Oh Carla, don't worry about that durk. You don't like Cannibal Corpse anyway!
by Anita Shower November 14, 2007
A Term for Male genitalia
NippleFluff suck's Fatty Durk for busfare and walks home then when he gets home he sucks Alana's Fatty Durk for free
by Scrappy dappy doo May 13, 2007

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