1. a, Descriptive of something that surpasses the scientifically measurable realm of awesome, too epic for words

2. n, A totally badass kid that excels at everything he does, never seen without a few super hott women accompanying him

Derivation: The word comes from one - Matthew Durfee who awed those around him with his magnificence, whose legend was sealed when he single handedly chased away a fatal blizzard/tornado/tsunami/hurricane that threatened to destroy the Americas by staring it down with the evil eye and making it go destroy China instead
1: Ignorant Buffoon, "Wow, that last match of Pokemon was too epic for words!"

Smart Guy, "Nah dude, there is a word, that match was TOTALLY DURFY!!!!1!!"

Enlightened Buffoon, "Hellz YEah!"

2: Wannabe, "You see that kid with superpowers who can fly around, shoot lasers out of his eyes, turn coal into diamonds, and poops chocolate instead of poop and pees lemonade instead of pee being chased around by all teh womenz?"

Onlooker, "Yeah dude, he's such a Durfy"

Wannabe, "Word, man. I say hi to him in the halls sometimes"

Onlooker, "Wow! You're so cool!"
by Masked Avengerz February 15, 2010
Top Definition
To refer to a dork or someone who trips over themselves.
Synonymous to goofy.
He's wearing plaid pants! He's so durfy.
by Lynn L June 28, 2006
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