To be completely finished or "done"! No more work is necessary on something/someone considered to be "dunzo".
"The meatloaf has been in the over for much too long. It must be dunzo"

"Randy told Stephanie she is DUNZO!"
by nfhare June 13, 2008
Top Definition
Dunzo, a slang word for done/finshed. Made famous by the Laguna Beach cast.
This car is so dunzo. (Kristin's car breaks down.)
by Joey Pellet December 08, 2004
a common term used in Laguna Beach or other areas of Orange County, California meaning over or finished.
"MY CAR IS DUNZO!" says Kristin as her car overheats.
"Kristin and I are dunzo." says Stephen reffering to the fact that he and Kristin are breaking up.
by SenoritaFabulosa December 08, 2004
Used on the MTV show Laguna Beach meaning done.
YES! Laguna Beach is finally dunzo! What? There's going to be another season? Crap.
by JClick December 09, 2004
a verb meaning "finished," "dead," or "over" which was perfectly acceptable to use until mtv's 'Laguna Beach' cast obliterated it with over-use.
"Dunzo" is soooo dunzo.
by kimmie&kris May 15, 2005
To end/finish.
Tom and Katie are getting a Dunzo!
The Turkey is Dunzo!
by nasa1012 March 29, 2013
Ceast to exist; the end of something.
I failed that test, man I am so dunzo
by Son of the Boss October 26, 2010
Meaning that you are completely done with, over someone, or super drunk.
"If you don't call me later, we are so dunzo !!!!"
" Buddy and I are dunzo !!"
" Shelly you are definitely dunzo !!"
by tampa May 04, 2007
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