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to be brutally rejected for any form of sexual intercourse, frolicking, and or public transport in the state of michigan!
hey simon, did that chick just dunnett u??!! that sux man, i would have digged the shazzazz of those DSL around my Crole, the Warrior King!!!
by ANDthenIgotHIGH June 07, 2010
A form of oral sex in which the female suffocates the male by sitting on his face until the breathing from the male is next to non existent.
"oh robs's mum totally gave me a dunnett last night"
"lucky bastard"
by Willhelm69 February 27, 2008
A word for having done something.
" I didn't do it! Mark Dunnett! "
by Rhys Beaumont October 05, 2007