1.)When you've done done something, you've dunn dunn it!!

2.)Hood past tense of saying something's been done.
1.) Jocquez: "Dem dudes call me Mr. Dunn Dunn 'cause I dunn dunn it all!!!"

2.)Ms. Kay: "Raheem!!! Did you take out the garbage yet?"

Raheem: "Yeah ma' I dunn dunn it already. Get off my joc'!!!!"

Ms. Kay: "What the hell you say boy!!!?"

Raheem: " Nuthin' mama!!!"
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008
Top Definition
When you have already done something. Made popular by Shawty Lo in his song Dunn Dunn.
Them chickens, dunn fuck fuck em all... dunn dunn dunn dunn-Shawty Lo- Dunn Dunn
by Gozzy June 21, 2008
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