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When you have already done something. Made popular by Shawty Lo in his song Dunn Dunn.
Them chickens, dunn fuck fuck em all... dunn dunn dunn dunn-Shawty Lo- Dunn Dunn
by Gozzy June 21, 2008
1.)When you've done done something, you've dunn dunn it!!

2.)Hood past tense of saying something's been done.
1.) Jocquez: "Dem dudes call me Mr. Dunn Dunn 'cause I dunn dunn it all!!!"

2.)Ms. Kay: "Raheem!!! Did you take out the garbage yet?"

Raheem: "Yeah ma' I dunn dunn it already. Get off my joc'!!!!"

Ms. Kay: "What the hell you say boy!!!?"

Raheem: " Nuthin' mama!!!"
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008
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