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v. Dipping, driving, or penetrating into a vagina, mouth, or butt hole using one's testicles.

similar words: Teabag, Balldip
"I just dunktanked that girl in the ass so hard!"

"My balls are so big that I was only able to dunktank one of them!"

She really wanted him to dunktank her mouth.

He got off on dunktanking chicks.
by dj dan October 02, 2012
Being in an elevator when someone pisses themselves. Pissing your own pants in an elevator.
Dude, Corinne was so drunk last night she pissed herself in the elevator on the way up to her apartment. It smelled like I was in a dunk tank.
by Hitler-esque_Natron January 02, 2012
This sexual move occurs while having sexual intercourse with your partner from behind (doggy style) in a bathroom in front of a toilet. Right before your partner orgasm's, whether male or female, you shove their head into the bowl of the toilet.
Guy1: You know how i got with that chick last night, the busty brunette.

Guy2: Yeah what about her?

Guy1: I totally Dunk Tanked her last night!

by Slefmruts August 16, 2009
While having sex, your partner punches you in the face right before orgasm. i.e. Hit the button, then you get wet. See also "Buffy"

Dude, whats that bruise on your face from? My girl totally gave me a dunk tank last night.
by swordinthesound April 13, 2009
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