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A place that sells stale donuts that have been sitting on the counter all day.
I've been to this Dunkin Donuts 3 times and they've sold me stale donuts every visit.
by zman911 March 06, 2008
22 48
Anal sex. Basically another way of saying "bumping uglies."
While I was in jail for a few months, I had the biggest laugh of the time when I went to the restroom one evening and saw two prison guards dunkin' donuts with each other in a shower stall.
by Mark H September 12, 2004
39 35
A disgusting blend of dirty dishwater, cream, and sugar, curiously mistaken by many for coffee. Where you go if you don't care what's in your cup.
I went to Dunkin Donuts and got a cup of coffee that was so bad, I threw it in the garbage.
by threestrikes April 12, 2013
22 19
When a man dips his nuts in a steaming hot cup of coffee and then dips his nuts in a girls mouth.
Bill: Bro, my ho just gave me a "Dunkin' Donuts"
Bob: Dude no way! Did it hurt?
Bill: Fuck no it was better than a blumpkin !
by herm4 August 15, 2011
8 6
similar to a tea bag, you will proceed to put milk in a girls mouth, then put powdered sugar on your balls and dunk them in.
im gonna give your mom a dunkin donut
by steve o kanevo October 15, 2010
9 7
The act of placing both of your testicles into a womans anus during the act of copulation. When done correctly, a delightful pop will be heard when they are suddenly pulled out with a quick upward motion.
"So, I was dunkin donuts into this cheerleader the other night..."
by BigJohnnyNet October 04, 2006
50 53
It's what America runs on, Dunkin'
While a certain upscaled, green logo'd franchise will shut down for 3 long hours on February 26, 2008 Dunkin' Donuts will gve out 99 cent lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos. Get your fix
by JaWu February 24, 2008
10 14
A sex game where the man spreads powdered sugar, honey, or condiment of choice on his testicles and has a chick lick the sack clean. Similar to T-Baggin', but with a some flava...
Emily wouldn't stop complaining about her hunger pains, so I let her eat my Dunkin' Donuts.
by James T. Nugent November 12, 2006
15 19