During intercourse, the male will defecate on a woman's chest. After doing so, she will use the male's erect penis as a tool to scoop the fecal matter and insert it in her mouth, imitating the act of eating a dunkaroo.
J- "Yo so last night my girlfriend had a dunkaroo".

C- "I guess she wanted a midnight snack".
by JPlex February 06, 2011
Dunking a girls head in the toilet while doing her from behind.
Last night I gave some bitch the dunkaroo.
by Dunkaroo King July 28, 2009
The process of having a girl ride you while taking a shit.
So my girl started off giving me a blumpkin but then gave me dunkaroo.
by mania110 April 27, 2009
when you stand over a girl as she is lying on her back and you squat up and down, dunking your cock in and out of her mouth.
She gagged on my dick when i gave her the dunkaroo
by Chris663 October 16, 2008
the act of taking a huge dump, then scooping it out with an erect penis, then ramming it into a females anus.
"I had 4 dunkaroos lastnight"

"Hey man you hook up with that chick last night"
"Yeah homie, I totaly got that dunkaroo!"
by Big Fox February 03, 2009
An Australian basketball player
We just won against a bunch of dunkaroos.

I wanna play a dunkaroo in one on one.

Shoot ya dunkaroo!
by Shane Sanders June 20, 2007
When a male is giving anal sex then does the old ass to mouth trick and puts his dick in the girls mouth.
Eric gave jen the old dunkaroo!
by Bri guy24 September 13, 2007

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