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Dune Pune is common with bro hoe. Basically, the chicks that go to the desert/act like they go to the desert only to walk around in bikinis and wave their pussy around to any takers, typically a bro. However, they do demonstrate some form of standards; i.e. NO Truck NO Fuck. They are only attracted to the finest of Bros who have the worst fabrication jobs on their shitty trucks, which is very appealing to the Dune Pune.
Must be wearing (if dressed) SKIN, SRH, FOX, MOB INC, etc…
Hair must be blonde on top and black on the bottom
Fake tan with excessive makeup
Kottonmouth Kings
Bro did you see that sweet dune pune that I rocked out in Glamis last weekend?
#bro hoe #bro #dune pune #pune #poon
by Your Mom Is My Anti Drug April 04, 2007
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