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This usually occurs when a man hasn't been layed in ages, and is incredibly desperate. He will go to a bar, get really trashed, and leave with the nastiest chick there, a total scrump, just because he knows he's gonna get some.

This is also a great insult.

Anthony hadn't gotten laid in 5 weeks, and couldn't take it anymore, so he gave in to temptation and went dumpster diving

You are a jungle trudging dumpster diving piece of shit!!
by Brian H November 15, 2005
54 52
When one partner gives oral sex to another partner and the partner recieving oral sex farts, but does not effect the sexual rhythm or intensity of the moment.
Guy #1: "dude i was getting head last night and totally farted but she kept going!"

Guy #2: "I am always down for a girl that doesn't mind Dumpster Diving."
by PapaSloppy92 March 12, 2013
1 0
Hanging out with really ugly chicks.
Guy friend: I was lookin through your facebook pics from that party, you sure were dumpster diving werent you!
Guy at party: I was so drunk I didnt even notice I was, were they that bad?


All these pretty girls are whack, lets go dumpsterdiving tonight
by bizzyare November 05, 2009
2 3
When a guy performs oral sex on a girl while she is taking a shit.
"What do you call a blumpkin for a girl?"

"Oh that's dumpster diving."
by McNooget April 26, 2010
3 6
fucking your ex because you have nobody else to fuck while they are knoked out.

I went dumpster diving again!
Moobiessss likes to go dumpster diving

Because no one likes man boobs.(:
by Angie Giangrasso(: September 19, 2009
5 8
Looking for hook-ups or relationships, particularly with women, who use online dating sites or personals ads. (The logic being that almost any girl can get laid without having to advertise for it... and the ads are society's dumpster for those who can't.)
You can tell he met that skeezy chick on an online hook-up site. Yikes! But, hey, you can't expect to find quality when you go dumpster diving.
by Mels Belles December 20, 2010
0 5
The process of going down or eating out a woman's vagina. The vagina represents a dumpster with the individual performing the act thus representing a person(possibly a hobo or a trashman) getting trash out of the dumpster.
Jimmy got really drunk at that party and totally ended up going dumpster diving on Laura; she was quite ripe.
by dhme September 04, 2009
2 7