the act of eating out someone's ass (the dumpster); analingus
Nicki likes to go Dumpster Diving at Don's place, that's why she always has shit on her face
by EdRooney February 08, 2007
A widely used restaurant kitchen staff term for having to get into the full dumpster, jump up and mash it down to make room for more trash at the end of the night.
"The dumpster's full, get a fucking dishwasher to go dumpster diving so we can get the fuck outta here!"
by Chef T July 30, 2006
Dumpster Diving is the term given to 'going down on' a really really ugly, skanky female. Generally her loose-as-a-goose, diseased pussy is considered as the 'dumpster'.
I walked in and caught you dumpster diving your fat ugly sister. Whats up with that dude?

This definition was made up on the spot.
by Diego December 05, 2003
to eat out an asshole
Dude, this chick is so nasty she was dumpster diving with like 4 different dudes last night.
by DaTrick October 02, 2007
1) breaking and entering with intent to steal for people who cannot do it

2) where your stolen goods came from should a cop ask
Nice Computer/ ferrari/ nasa space rocket, where'd ya get it? Someone stole one last week from the computer store/ferrari showroom/ rocket luanch.

dumpster diving!
by Gumba Gumba May 23, 2004
Finding any random hott slut and inserting your wang in her asshole.

Anal sex with hott bitches.
To any other male: "Dude I went dumpster diving last night."
by taylor April 20, 2004
fucking your ex because you have nobody else to fuck
I went dumpster diving again!
by angie December 13, 2003

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