Looking for hook-ups or relationships, particularly with women, who use online dating sites or personals ads. (The logic being that almost any girl can get laid without having to advertise for it... and the ads are society's dumpster for those who can't.)
You can tell he met that skeezy chick on an online hook-up site. Yikes! But, hey, you can't expect to find quality when you go dumpster diving.
by Mels Belles December 20, 2010
The process of going down or eating out a woman's vagina. The vagina represents a dumpster with the individual performing the act thus representing a person(possibly a hobo or a trashman) getting trash out of the dumpster.
Jimmy got really drunk at that party and totally ended up going dumpster diving on Laura; she was quite ripe.
by dhme September 04, 2009
A method used by Crime Scene Investigators to discover discarded evidence that may be hidden in dumpsters.
Grissom and Sara went dumpster diving in search of more evidence.
by IWillBeYour419 April 07, 2004
when a male breaks up with his girlfriend and then in desperate times either days or months down the road he goes back to the girl (hes looking in the dumpster for the old garbage he threw away hoping to find it and get a piece of ass). weve all meet these people before
man1 asks what man 2 did last nite

man2 responds to man1 by saying he was with his ex last nite

then man1 says to man2 so you were dumpster diving
by fartmagic June 10, 2007
when a bloke finds an scungy slut ta root, usually uglier than he's capable of
Tom: Oh shit! Did ya see that wanker with that ho, he's dumpster diving
by Spltbird April 03, 2006
Attempting to solicit a cum dumpster for sexual acts. This typically takes place after large amounts of alcohol have been consumed.
Jerry: Dude, I haven't been laid in like 6 months.

Bill: Why don't you go dumpster diving? You could try that ho I met last night. I've heard she puts out like Wonka during Halloween. Plus, I think she's clean too.
by Bad Books January 22, 2006
Instead of a smoke break it's a blow break...When two emloyees agree to meet near the dumpster for 60 seconds of oral pleasure.
Employee 1 asks," Hey, you wanna blow me?" ..Employee 2 replies," Sure. Why not? I'll meet you near the dumpster in five.". --Hence dumpster diving has a new meaning.
by P.T.T. March 04, 2007
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