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A guy who will fuck the fattest, skankiest, dirtiest chick at the bar, because as he puts it, "fat pussy is better than no pussy." Sometimes you wonder if there is anywhere this guy WON'T stick his cock.
Dude, you fucked that disgusting fat skank?!?!? Is there anywhere you WON'T stick your cock, you fuckin' dumpster dick?
by footfucker July 09, 2006
Having sex with 2 (or more) females at least 1 hour apart within 24 hours and having not showered
Dave has dumpster Dick after banging those 2 girls last night
by Eldrifto December 10, 2013
a dick that fucks to many ho's or prostitutes and becomes infected with disease.
Man, i think i have a dumpster dick from fucking that prostitute on main st. last night.
by umphucker September 18, 2007
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