Somewhat analagous to the blumpkin, this is when a guy, while standing upright, is receiving oral sex from a girl sitting on the toilet taking a dump.
Last night, after going out to eat at Bobby Big Sleep's Burrito Barn with my girlfriend and her best friend, all 3 of us had the runs, so, when we came home, my girl gave me a dumpkin while I glass-bottomed boat her best friend.
by Nighthawk and the Dean March 21, 2005
Top Definition
you make a jack o lantern get at least five men to dump in said jack o lantern and then get a woman to put it on her head
we totally got emma to let us make a dumpkin, she kept it on forever
by Spackler* May 19, 2010
1. carve a pumpkin with a sad expression on it.
2. defecate inside said carved pumpkin.
3. place newly created DUMPKIN on/in/or around another person's porch, steps, or house.
"hey harry, why does you pumpkin look so sad?"
"oh, this ol dumpkin? it's because i took a shit in it."
by courderoy montgomery February 27, 2008
The act of taking a crap while jerking off. The best of both worlds.
I just gave myself a dumpkin. Im gonna go take a dumpkin.
by jsr9055 December 24, 2011
1. (n). a malicious crap taken into the top of a carved pumpkin on Halloween.

2. (n). If the above pumpkin is then used in making certain baked goods it is referred to as a "dumpkin pie".
Last halloween John took a dumpkin in Janes Jack-O-Lantern to pay her back for being such a bitch, but she found out and baked him a dumpkin pie.
by scut monkey August 08, 2009
while taking a shit, doing a funnel. usually done with a close friend as the assistant
"yo derek i gotta shit, hold my beer?"
"fuck that grab the funnel it's dumpkin time!"
by oxcart December 23, 2008
Somewhat analagous to the blumpkin, this is when a guy, while standing upright, is receiving oral sex from someone sitting on the toilet taking a dump.
Yo, my girl and I had Mexican for dinner last night, and when we came home, she gave me the fattest dumpkin ever.
by Dean and the Nighthawk March 07, 2005
A word made by some bros on the way back from Washington : The act of shitting on a toilette while a girl is also shitting on toilette facing each other and porking at the same time.
B-rad joe max and evan all got dumpkins
by a group of mofos from NH June 23, 2011

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