When you come out of the bathroom after a huge greasy shit and then titty fuck a women thereby leaving a trail of slimy shit on her stomach. This is an excellent way to end a relationship.
I shit then gave Tracy a good dump truck.
by Bob Nelson January 04, 2006
Another way of describing United States President George W. Bush.
George Bush is a dump truck.
by Thomas Servo August 24, 2008
A public defender, because he may "dump" your case without fighting for you.
The Dump Truck wanted me to plead my deuce down to a reckless.
by octopod November 22, 2003
N. - What becomes of a series of tubes when massive amounts of information are allowed to clog them.
Curses! This massive amount of extraneous information has turned the internet into a dump truck!
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
Not to be confused with the "Hot Carl", "Rusty Trombone", or the "Cleveland Steamer" the Dump Truck is the act of wrapping one's head with seran wrap and allowing a partner to defecate on said seran wrap. The point of this is to watch the "Dump Truck" dump it's load.
Little Tommy went "dump truckin" with Susie but she forgot to cover her hair!!
by chloric July 24, 2006
Sitting on someones lap while they're taking a dump on the toilet.
I had to take a shit really bad, so I ran to the bathroom and made my bitch sit on my lap as I squeezed one out.
by Rachel Benson February 02, 2005
To pull out before ejaculation during heterosexual intercourse and dump your load on her rather than in her in an attempt to avert pregnancy.
Boy was she pissed when I pulled the old dump truck on her cause she wants my baby.
by Joshinak August 21, 2006

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