A female who has no respect and likes to be used for sex.
That whore is a Dump Truck fill'er with a load and send her on the road!
by LishyNishy January 01, 2015
The actual act or simulated act of flipping the closest item to you over in an extreme outburst of anger, frustration, or jealousy for no other reason than to overly express a ( usually silly) emotion ... anime-style.
1. "I'm gonna dumptruck this table!"
2. Bill - "Hey, did you hear I'm going to E3 this year?" Bob - *Long pause, Stares daggers at Bill, Dumptrucks table*
by Hells Transport April 03, 2015
When you a fuck a girl in the ass and shit comes out of her when you pull out.
" Suzy last night let me fuck her in the ass, too bad she turned into a dump truck".
by Leeroy Jenkins867 May 22, 2012
When a man and a woman are having anal sex, the woman backs up to the mans penis
Man 1: we were in bed, and she comes right back at me with her dump truck!

Man 2: sweet!
by Hostileexile August 21, 2015
Hospital slang for a patient who's spewing from both ends.
Careful in room 15 - the patient's a total dump truck.
by N95 March 03, 2014
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