one who is garbage or unskilled
fuck up
by J-VERBAL, WERD. X March 30, 2005
When you a fuck a girl in the ass and shit comes out of her when you pull out.
" Suzy last night let me fuck her in the ass, too bad she turned into a dump truck".
by Leeroy Jenkins867 May 22, 2012
Hospital slang for a patient who's spewing from both ends.
Careful in room 15 - the patient's a total dump truck.
by N95 March 03, 2014
During sex when a man packs a fat lip of lady grizz (chewing tobacco) and is banging a girl from behind. When he approaches climax he starts making beeping noises like a truck in reverse, and proceeds to pull his bottom lip outward and tilting his head downward allowing the warm clump of chew to fall on the girls back.
1) Bro, i was hittin it from behind with a fat boy in and then i dump trucked a huge shwab of grizz wintergreen on her ass.

2) Dude, me and that chick banged at the party last night, but i didn't have time to take out my lipper so i had to dump truck her ass.
by Lax Bro Leroy March 15, 2011
A loser. A lame fuck with nothing to live for.
Heather was drunk at the bar screaming about how nobody will ever love her and she will never have kids. What a dump truck.
by suspicious-character September 14, 2010
the act of shitting while positioned in such a way that the feces fall into the excreter's own mouth.
That dumptruck left him with a shit-eating grin on his face.
by Adrian S. March 15, 2006

1. A generic derogatory term for a race other than your own (from word users perspective).
2. A generic insult.

"Back of the bus dumptruck"

"Go back to your country, dumptruck"

"Listen to that damn dumptruck music"

"Sorry, no dumptrucks allowed"
by Jordan C March 21, 2006

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