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a prank involving using a pumpkin as a container for human fecal material is left to decompose for several days yielding a vat of rancid shit, festering and ready to be cast upon the porch, driveway, or vehicle of an unsuspecting often deserving individual or family; this prank is commonly used between the dates of October 25th and November 6th (when pumpkins are readily available) ;often associated with hatred of a specific individual, race, culture, or political affiliation
Stu: Hey what do you want to do tonight?

Steven: I just remembered we have several partially decomposed totally rancid dump pumpkins left from Halloween.

Brock: Lets go throw those on Laurens doorstep!

John: Yeah, that way shit and decomposed pumpkin meat will explode on her personal property and cause the odor to permeate in to the brick and/or concrete, leaving her porch smelling of festering veggie shit.
by mimagarooski October 02, 2008
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