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1. (noun) A person that routinely forget things. Also someone that is very smart but has no common sense.

2. (noun) Someone that lacks skills at daily tasks. i.e Driving, dancing, walking, etc.

3. (noun) A person that does not like the taste of peanut butter.
1. Boy: "Man, I forgot my wallet in my car."

Girl: "Go get it."

Boy: "I don't know where my car is..."

Girl: "Dummypants."

2. Girl: "Just drive down Kalluran Street to get to my house."

Boy: *turns down street* "S**T! This is a one-way road"

3. Boy: "I bought you PB&J"

Girl: "I don't like Peanut Butter..."

Boy: "dummypants"
by Folded-Up Dollar Bill July 13, 2011
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