Usually a baltimore - or maybe any where in maryland - girl that will never pass up head or any form of sex and dont get paid for it. If they do:; thats another story. usually ranges from 13-18. but cant start early as 10 years old.
Mannnn, tell me why this girl ask me for my number came over and straight gave me head AND my other 7 friends that was over there. no fee. now THAT'S the definition of a true DUMMY!!
by sugamoma1271 January 05, 2011
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a stupid person who has no common sense and no brain at all
John U dummy U
by Jacques February 18, 2003
Def 1: A dumb ass baltimore bitch that you can easily fuck, hit, or get head from.

Def 2: Just a phrase to call someone as.

Ex 1: Yo i just booked that dummy down the grove on my dirt bike dummy. Ayy rell, She a dummmmy. she said she will fuck.

Ex 2: Ay mike dummy, Go get my bud dummy.
by Dummy. Ex 2 March 10, 2009
Noun- A baltimore girl that will suck anybody's dick, or have sex with them.
ayyyo i just got done fuckin this dummy in the bathroom.
by Mr. Babcock March 15, 2010
An artificial crack rock, usually soap, bread or a mineral rock. Sold by drug dealers with little to no supply left. Dealer risks being attacked or killed by a smart customer.
Crackhead: Sumuvabitch this a dummy rock, I'll kill you!
Dealer: I sold that baser a dummy for 20.
by Teedot Doubleyou October 17, 2005
in a high degree, very, "hella". word originated during the hyphy movement.

synonym: stupid (can be used in place of dummy, but is not quite as cool)
it's dummy hot outside!

that was dummy rude, you din even needa come at me like that.

man i'm dummy tired..

that test was dummy easy.
by ohgiggerz December 30, 2007
Something you "get" when someone says or does something stupid. When someone does something stupid, someone can say, "let me get my dummies" and shove their head. However, when someone does skmething stupid, they can say "no dummies" and people cannot get their dummies. If someone calls dummies, they can also call "worldwide" where everyone can get their dummies on the person who did something stupid. As with "no dummies" the person who did something stupid can call "no worldwide" so only the first person to call dummies can "get their dummies."
George: Are humans the same thing as people?
Tom: Let me get my dummies, worldwide!
(everyone comes and pushes George in the head)

Sam wears jeans to baseball practice without knowing it. He realizes his mistake and says "no dummies"

Teacher: If x=1, what is the value of x?
John: the coefficient of y to the power of 6
Herbert: let me get my dummies!
John : No worldwide
(Herbert gets his dummies on John, but no one else can)
by airham April 28, 2008
a hoe or slut, can be used for both males and females (used mostly in baltimore)
person 1 - you no shantel a dummy right?
person 2 - yea i been new that
by djrocko April 12, 2011

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