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A bullet with deep user-made cuts in the tip. The cuts help the dumdum bullet fragment into chunks on impact, causing severe injuries and bleeding on a scale normal bullets would be incapable of. By definition, dumdums are less accurate than regular ammo.

Dumdum bullets are illegal for use in warfare and may be illegal for civilian ownership in the United States.

Also see dum dum.
The cops say Jimmy got shot in the gut with a dum dum bullet... it took him like five minutes to die, man - he was bleeding that bad.
by Tronno November 24, 2004
gay slang for a particularly large penis, so named because of the supposed damage it does to internal organs during anal intercourse.
I almost fainted when, with a wicked twinkle in his eye, Alec whipped out his dumdum bullet.
by Dunky Oggins November 13, 2003
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