someone who fucks,but yet they are as dumb as fuck!!!
how the hell does a dumbfuck get the chance to get fucked?
by raz master October 09, 2006
a dumb retarded person
Anthony is a dumb fuck
by Tim.L December 24, 2005
A person so stupid they are incapable of completing the action of sexual intercourse
"You are a dumbfuck"
by Alexander Sedler October 29, 2003
Someone who looks on UrbanDictionary to find out what a 'dumbfuck' is.
If you are reading this then you are a dumbfuck, sorry.
by sLy is fLy April 16, 2006
"Dumb" + "Fuck" = Dumbfuck
"You" + "fuck" = Dumbfuck
by Fuck July 31, 2003
someone who just spilt punch soda on their shirt
me, i just spilt punch soda on my shirt
by dumbfuck September 10, 2003
1) a person that is foolish and or acting foolishly
2) someone who has pissed you off by doing something ridiculous that has made you mad/angry

3) stupid; retarded
The answer is 4 you dumb fuck!
by Yvng_Lyrical_ September 17, 2014

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