1. someone who puts a picture of him/herself in the definition for a word such as gangsta or pimp.
2. someone who writes a definition about a friend.
1. See the entries for gangsta, pimp, chav, shocker, etc. If only they put their pictures in dumbfuck, too.
2. Example definition for "brian"
The hottest guy ever. I love him :]
2a. Another example definition for "cool"
Something shirley is not.
by 340yhj3jh3=2qhnn September 18, 2008
Someone who repeats an action over and over again, expecting a different result"....
George Bush: 'how'bout i bomb this....yeah oil prices/terrorism..GUNS'...dumb fuck
by Jonny Howard October 12, 2006
someone who tries to define a word and doesn't even know how to spell "definition"
Who is the dumb fuck that doesn't know how to spell?
by kuntrysgirl December 30, 2005
Someone who uses urban dictionary to shit on someone else's political views, then uses a misonginistic example in their definition.
That dumbfuck who posted an earlier definition by citing liberalism and femine "drunkity" is such a dumbfuck. I'm talking about the dumbfuck who posted the 13th definition here.
What a goddamn dumbfuck.
by the_old_days January 09, 2010
Dumb as a box of rocks.
George "Dubya" Bush doesn't know the meaning of "dumbfuck" because he is a .................
by auntegg April 15, 2006
what a girl dumbass and a boy dumbass did. it is their lovechild;

someone stupider than a dumbass;

if you still don't know you dumbfuck, it's an insult.
*a few dudes watching their dumbfuck friend about to go down a steep hill in a tire*
dude 1: this isn't a good idea...
dude 2: yesh it ish.
by love-bruises March 06, 2007
straight up idiot
i can't gain acceptance -galviin
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
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