A dumb fuck is someone that is undeniably stupid, they can't get their life together because of their epic level of stupidity, so they just continue to do dumb fucking shit, like dumping their millionaire girlfriend for an old Filipino prostitute that's married and has a kid.
(A) Have you ever met that guy Toby?

(B) No, I don't think I have...wait! Is he a dumb fuck?
(A) Yes! He's the guy I was telling you about, the one who got engaged to a married Filipino prostitute.

(B) Woah, he really is a dumb fuck.
by Honestyyyyy December 08, 2014
Refers to the offspring of two unintelligent people.
Billy was saddened when he found out his parents were dumb, because that makes Billy a dumbfuck.
by wicketwarwick July 02, 2013
People who think someone is interested just because you're nice to them, when in truth the only reason you talk to them is to fulfill your "one good deed" for the day! -_-
People named Ricardo...
Ricardo is a dumb fuck!
by I'm not always this mean.. May 17, 2012
A person who invents an unfunny and unnecessary word or phrase in order to submit it to Urban Dictionary as the lone contribution that individual will ever make to society, all in the vain hopes that said Dumbfuck will have started a word or phrase which will spread like wildfire among the English language.
The Dumbfuck typing into Urban Dictionary: "'Facebalking' means you are hesitant to put something on Facebook!"

Friend: "That is the stupidest word I've ever heard. Did you make that up just to put something on Urban Dictionary? You are a total Dumbfuck."
by RealDangerFC June 14, 2011
A complete asshole. One who makes you feel like shit. One who says the most stupid things; annoying. Can also mean you secretly love them.
"wtf is ur problem you whore.
God ur such a dumbfuck."

"you wore that shirt like two days ago.
Shut the hell up, you dumbfuck!"

"seriously, why do people go tanning?
well, you dumbfuck, to get tanner."

"ah cmon, dumbfuck..be my partner."
by Karlayyy. March 02, 2009
A person who submits a stupid ass definition to urban dictionary and expects the editors to just approve it because they sent it.
You are a stupid dumb fuck for submitting that definition.
by Ricey Ripp November 04, 2006
1) a person that is foolish and or acting foolishly
2) someone who has pissed you off by doing something ridiculous that has made you mad/angry

3) stupid; retarded
The answer is 4 you dumb fuck!
by Yvng_Lyrical_ September 17, 2014
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