1. Someone who gets easily confused and fails to use common sense when neccessary.

2. Someone who is so fucking stupid you want to meet their parents so you can pour hot coffee on their face.
Woman: I'm kind of hungry.
Man: Ok, let's grab a movie.
Womam: Seriously you dumb fuck, I said I'm hungry.
by mmhmm2121 December 14, 2010
1. some one who refuses to listen to reason, especially when intoxicated.
I told you not to do that when you were drunk you dumbfuck!
by xoxogossipgirl213 December 10, 2008
Someone Who acts really stupid , surpassing dumb ass .

A higher form of dumb . not dumb ass anymore but dumb fuck

Someone Who acts like young buck >>because young buck is a dumb fuck .
Gunit sucks , their group is 50 snitch , Piggy Banks , and Dumb fuck >>>(((young Buck)))
by GGGGUNOT September 06, 2006
someone that does something before they think about it. But sometimes realizes that it was a mistake and that they are thinking they are a dumbfuck that they did it. So a dumbfuck is someone that realizes that they are a dumbfuck for thinking that they are a dumbfuck. I'm a dumbfuck for making this so confusing!
Cody is a Dumbfuck sometimes wen he thinks he is a Dumbfuck,
Melissa thinks she's a Dumbfuck, but she isn't
by canada,c August 02, 2010
A term used to describe preps & jocks that are oblivious to the world around them. Dumbfucks usually believe they are "the shit" and do not care to listen to other's opinions unless said opinion is concerning the looks of the "Dumbfuck" or gossip ...
<dumbfuck1>Look at the GOTHLICKS!
<dumbfuck2>OHMYGOSHNESS, how.... goth!
<normal1>& they call me weird? what a dumbfuck.
by <3Lyssa April 09, 2005
Name for the Vice Principal of the high school. A greasy, inadequate douchebag who's afraid of his own shadow and lets everyone walk all over him, including the students he's supposed to be in charge of.
"I've got to go down to the office and see Dumbfuck because I was caught smoking again. Watch me talk my way out of this one."
by KTDigs December 08, 2011
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