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A person who invents an unfunny and unnecessary word or phrase in order to submit it to Urban Dictionary as the lone contribution that individual will ever make to society, all in the vain hopes that said Dumbfuck will have started a word or phrase which will spread like wildfire among the English language.
The Dumbfuck typing into Urban Dictionary: "'Facebalking' means you are hesitant to put something on Facebook!"

Friend: "That is the stupidest word I've ever heard. Did you make that up just to put something on Urban Dictionary? You are a total Dumbfuck."
by RealDangerFC June 14, 2011
3 4
Someone who can't figure out what a dumbfuck is.
If you are reading this, you are probably a dumbfuck.
by TheBurninator December 19, 2003
2154 428
1. A person is so incredibly stupid that it is not even funny any more.
2. The current occupant of the White House.
George Bush is a class A dumb fuck
by MrClean January 17, 2006
763 251
an extreme dumbass
Satish ran into his garage door from inside his garage. Therefore he is a dumbfuck.
by Miga July 11, 2003
661 188
Someone that's just dumb as fuck.
Somebody slap yo ass and you just stand there you're a dumb fuck
by Cutie January 01, 2004
499 133
Usually refered to a person that did something really dumb or something stupid, this doesn't actually mean a person is dumb or a fuck
You spilled it all over my shirt you dumb fuck!
by smart person December 24, 2004
363 102
A dumb ass person who says stupid shit.
Boy 1: Damn that girl fine .
BOy 2/Dumb Fuck: Naw her grandma fine.
by Kristin April 23, 2005
160 61
someone who posts up pictures of themselves in definitions such as gangsta, pimp, hot, sexy, even chav.
I'm sorry, but knowing how to take a picture of yourself does not mean you are gangsta. Dumbfuck.
163 72