an extreme dumbass
Satish ran into his garage door from inside his garage. Therefore he is a dumbfuck.
by Miga July 11, 2003
A really stupid being, normally retarted, or just really stupid.
That guy was was such a dumb fuck that he couldn't decide what food item he wanted out of a 1 item menu.
by James Ritchie February 24, 2008
someone who is so stupid you cant even explain it so you have to use the word dumb fuck to describe them which is even more stupid. this word is only used for those that dont even deserve a real insult.
you are such a dumb fuck.
by guurlsbehindthereddoor July 23, 2011
a stupid person that does and says stupid things

if u don't know wat dumb fuck means ur dumb fuck
dude 1:damn she gots curves
dumb fuck:no lesbians and gays are curved
dude 1:STFU u dumb fuck
by the.dude.who.knows.more.den.u December 11, 2008
a serious illness effecting the brain. it can usually come about by a: being dropped on your head as a child. b: getting hit by a speeding bus and surviving. c: any sort of coma you wake up from
"you shit heads got a serious case of the dumbfucks,cant you do anything right?"
by St00pid August 20, 2008
someone without brains,clueless
Dan Totten: pretends to be other people online

EX. "You know that Totten kid, he's such a dumb-fuck"
by 8ballmjg December 31, 2007
Someone that's really fucking dumb.
Gracie is a dumbfuck.
by kenzbenz12 June 01, 2015
A stupid twat
"Your such a dumbfuck"

Another way of saying "you don't know shit"
by tresshrubbadub August 13, 2014

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