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Someone with an IQ low enough that you have to dig for it, not just test it.An example of a dumb fuck is George W. Bush.If you find this offencive, thenjust ignore this whole entry,especially the example.
American1:George W. Bush is such a dumb fuck!
American2:Hey,isn't that his bomber right above your house?
American1:First he sends us to war, now he's bombing us!
American2:Maybe you shouldn't have called him a dumb fuck
American1:Hey, isn't that your house he's bombing, now that he's done with my house?
by shotgun guy April 16, 2006
worse than a DUMBSHIT. dumbfuck is a whole other level of stupid. theres weird, idiotic, stupid, dumbass, dumbshit, then theres dumbfuck
erica:kaity whats the answer to number four on the math homework?

kaity: erica its simple. look you ad two and three together.
your such a dumbfuck!
by joetastic1212 January 05, 2010
Meaning a complete stupid ass, see also cunt "Cant understand normal thinking" also means George W. Bush.
Wow, Our president is a complete dumb fuck!
Hey Dumb fuck is giving his state of the union addres..
by lordmaji December 29, 2004
A dumb fuck is someone who did something incredibly stupid trying to be funny.
The person who put Youngjae from B.A.P as the meaning of 'betrayer' here on Urban Dictionary is a dumb fuck
by himpipi February 15, 2013
1. eric hetzel of chantilly, va
2. george w. bush
3. any one with the intelligence of a cockroach
4. McLovin aka sexy burger

synonyms: blonde, dumb shit, r-tard, bush
eric: *bikes into a car*
eric: wut?
arjun: no seriously go to urbandictionary.com...becuz ur now the definition for dumb fuck
by Arjun Patel September 20, 2007
A really stupid person. See Douche
My sister can really be one dumbfuck.
by Ditto. September 16, 2007
A person who is dumb beyond belief. Not someone named Kate.
Ariella is a dumb fuck.
by lycheeh8r January 17, 2012