You are when you think everyone but you!
You are a dubass if you think everyone but you is a dumbass!
by Ankido September 11, 2006
What the hell do you think it means, dumbass?

It means someone who's so fucking stupid, their brain must be an ass.

(Looking at you, dumbass)
You fucking dumbass! Go die in a hellhole! Ya fucking moron.
by Demon with a God Complex July 19, 2014
Someone who doesn't know Saskatchewan is in Canada and thinks it's in Louisiana."
"Mike Noble is a dumb ass and thinks Saskatchewan is in Louisiana."
by Anonymous123467934543223 September 20, 2013
to describe an excessive amount of something. a synonym of "hella"
it is dumbass cold out here

it is really cold
by eckill. October 06, 2008
The word dumbass originates from the person by the name of Paul. Dumbass tend to suffer from anger problems but are also in great denial of this problem. His face resembles Mr Angry from Mr Men
Oh look, here comes dumbass again.
by The wold March 23, 2007
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