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Someone who makes senseless choices and ruins everything.
ex. George Bush
51% is not a mandate, George W Bush is a dumbass.
by Lisa K March 09, 2005
Anyone that has prodigious amounts of unprotected sex and actually thinks they don't have (won't ever get) an STD.
Guy 1: That dumbass went out and got infected!
Guy 2: How?
Guy 1: He had unprotected sex with the city of Los Angeles.
by lady justice September 19, 2006
someone whose ass does not speak.
They are very refined and unable to pass gas.
Queen elizabeth II is a dumbass
by ass face October 27, 2003
fucking stuppid ass mother fucker
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
Someone who voted for Obama
Tom: "Yo Jerry! Don't talk smack about Obama! I voted for him."
Jerry: "Tom, you are a dumbass."
by JollyLama April 11, 2010
n. a species of human with low intelligence
Harsh is one of the last remaining dumbasses.
by Anonymous December 04, 2002
people who worry to much about things
chill out man, you're not going to care about it when you're 6 feet under
by coldaddy August 28, 2003
Anyone who spends all their money at strip clubs because they are to stupid to get a date and they are still living with their parents at 25 being told what to do all the time because they have an IQ of 50 and don't have enough money to move out because they can't hold onto a job without getting fired.
Chris is so retarded! He can't talk to women because he is stupid so he spends all his money at strip clubs. What a dumbass!
by Freedy Martins October 26, 2009