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Someone who makes senseless choices and ruins everything.
ex. George Bush
51% is not a mandate, George W Bush is a dumbass.
by Lisa K March 09, 2005
24 34
the rear fo a dumb
I was behind the dumb, almost smelling the dumbass...
by john July 21, 2003
15 15
1. An idiotic and unqualified person.

2. A buffoon that always makes the wrong choices.

3. A detestable and moronic person.

4. Someone with no accomplishments, but pats themselves on the back anyways.
You know, that Obama... he's really a certified dumb-ass. A real dummy with no clue. When has he proved he can accomplish anything?
by dood73 June 03, 2010
16 17
1everyone that voted for bush

2a hick

3someone lacking total common sense

4all of the above (and 2 are a given)
yo mama is a complete dumb ass for not aborting you
by anonomus January 02, 2005
82 84
Dumbass: (1) A really idiotic person (2) A cast member of the online show Dumbass (3) Dumbass: The online show in which a group of kids go around their town and neighborhood filming themselves doing stupid things then putting the footage in episodes and up online.
Ben, The Jew is on the online show, Dumbass. Brenden isn't on the show dumbass, but he/she is a f***ing gayass.
by Lemon August 05, 2004
11 13
TRYSTAN CAMPOS-(my somewhat faggoty dumbass friend)
OMG! Your such a dumbass like trystan campos!
0 3
1. Individuals not properly educated or familiar with the various and correct uses of words like your and you're or their, there, and they're
2. Often a person or people who define another person or group of people as stupid, either in print or speech, and simultaneously misuse or misspell various words in their descriptions.
3. George W. Bush
1. Your pretty ugly (correct usage would be, You're pretty ugly)

2. Thim dumassses is dumbb to pepoles like us god-perceiving. (I need not comment on the ineptitude of a state like this).

3. 'Dubya' speaks for himself.
by Madamasselle March 09, 2004
42 46
George W Bush
I'm such a dumbass. I really fucked up the economy!
by Sarah Nicole F January 10, 2009
37 42