Someone who makes senseless choices and ruins everything.
ex. George Bush
51% is not a mandate, George W Bush is a dumbass.
by Lisa K March 09, 2005
Someone who has completely missed the point or meaning of something. Someone who has made a big mistake with a simple concept. A combination of dumb (stupid, mentally challenged, unaware) and ass (denoting someone or something living).
A person who while driving a motor vehicle stops on a green light and goes on a red. Dumbass.
A burgular who breaks into a fish 'n chip shop and after cooking a feed, falls asleep to be awoken by the police and thrown in jail. Dumbass.
A person (or animal) who can be described as not knowing one end from the other.

Dumb-ass definition=Urban Dictionary's definition of sheila. Sheila means female. There is also no such thing as a sheila nigga. Nigga is a slang word used only with close mates of similar color but is used discretely incase of getting the beats, manhandled, pummeled, or just plain physically abused. For that Uban dictionary's definition is a dumb-ass definition. Almost all definitions related to sheila is wrong. The person who wrote it is a dumbass.
by dumbass sheila November 09, 2013
Some one who can't think for them selves or otherwise thought as stupid.
Will robertson is a dumbass for thinking he's not hipster. When someone turns into a zombie why do they turn into a dumbass? "Why are Brad and Angelina together? I think their a bunch of dumbasses"
by king richard the IV May 27, 2011
Common term referring to one who misspells words then tries to cover it by adding all kinds of bullshit on facebook
My aunt is a dumbass!
by brothermike10100100 November 23, 2010
You are when you think everyone but you!
You are a dubass if you think everyone but you is a dumbass!
by Ankido September 11, 2006
I am a dumbass
by UKIPer January 13, 2015
What the hell do you think it means, dumbass?

It means someone who's so fucking stupid, their brain must be an ass.

(Looking at you, dumbass)
You fucking dumbass! Go die in a hellhole! Ya fucking moron.
by Demon with a God Complex July 19, 2014
Someone who doesn't know Saskatchewan is in Canada and thinks it's in Louisiana."
"Mike Noble is a dumb ass and thinks Saskatchewan is in Louisiana."
by Anonymous123467934543223 September 20, 2013

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