a teenager or adolescence that does something stupid...and there mother being probably from the 60s calls them a "dumb bunny".
Daughter: "mom i accidently spilled ketchup on my new white polo."
Mom: "the one you got on sale at burlingtons?"
Daughter: "um..yeah that one."
Mom: "How could you be such a ,dumb bunny!"
by RTJ1 December 16, 2009
Top Definition
this is what you call yourself mentally or verbally when you know you have just done something incredibly stupid or retarded
"i can't believe i left that napkin next to the lit stove. i'm such a dumb bunny!!!"
by lyze ashley September 03, 2007
a phrase used to replace a swear word. this phrase is used by teenagers describing a complete imbecile. its used because whenever an adult with virgin ears or another peer with the same condition would most likely become offended and then comment on the use of profanity. so instead of the swear word someone just says "dumb bunny"
Marty: I was watching the 49ers play yesterday and like wtf man they did horrible!

John: the 49ers? the guys from the Gold Rush?

Marty: wtf?! no you dumbfu--(see's his mom pass by) dumb bunny...
by supercalifragilisticxbldocious October 03, 2010
Dumb Bunny is a 1950's slang word for a American women who has done something stupid or retarded.
Husband: Hunny, did you seriously put the toaster in the dishwasher?

Wife: Sweetheart! I had no idea that it could be ruined that way! I am such a Dumb Bunny!
by Kimilicious March 27, 2009
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