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A term for a wide range of soft ammunition banned either at Geneva or at Hague.
Soft ammunition is considered inhumane because it expands on impact causing horrific wounds. Non-fatal injuries caused by soft ammunition are often untreatable and the victim either dies from infection or from internal bleeding.
If the cops catch you with those Dum Dums, you goin streight to jail.
by Joodas August 12, 2004
A person who lacks both intelligence and common sense.
These people are worthless most of the time.
Candy from Two and a Half Men is such a dum-dum.
Ditzy people are all dum-dums.
by The gap girl December 07, 2010
u guyz!dum dums are those small lollipops u get at the bank when ur little :)
Dum Dums are yummy.I got a Dum Dum at the bank.
by Katie*** April 03, 2006
a word for a boyfriend that does stupid and/or annoying stuff that makes his girlfriend annoyed or mad at him
what did Dumdum do now?
by dance geek March 11, 2014
Used for a person when he/she shows just a momentary dumbness.
You: Wow, that's a lovely dog!
Me: That's a cat, dumdum!
by i am everest December 30, 2011
an individual, usually a man, that you are involved with. He is usually not a boyfriend, yet he is more than a friend, sex is typicaly involved. Yet his intelligence is limited and rather than let everyone know you are banging an idiot you refer to him as"dum dum" in an effort to save face and protect his identity and your image. You do not call him dum dum to his face, you only use this term to describe him when speaking with your friends.
Jas: "What did you do last night?

Mia: "Dum dum cam over last night."

Jas: "Who?"

Mia: "Remember the guy I told you about, dum dum?"

Jas: "ohhh yeah."
by jazziest July 14, 2010
A slang term for a type of ammunition such as ball ammo or lead bullets. A non hollow point round
I got nothin but dum dums for my 9mm
by Chi-Chi January 29, 2004
Better than retarded.
Akeeva:Mane, i'm so retawded
Tyrelle:No mane it's dum dum
by trent da DDB November 15, 2008

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