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In short... to get jewed mainly for money but sometimes for material objects.

Two guys agree to meet at a concert and will buy tickets at the door.

Guy 1: shows up early and buys his ticket with cash.
Guy 2: shows up and is completely baffled that thet don't accept plastic for tickets. Guy 2 then says to guy 1 '' can you buy me a ticket... I have no cash''1.

Since guy 1 is a good friend he fronts guy 2 the loot for the ticket.
Guy 2 has sucessfullt dulac'ed guy 1 for the cost of the ticket!!!
Borrowing money with agreement to pay it back. When it comes time to pay the money back the borrower says something like ''well, I bought you a beer back in the 90's so I shouldn't have to pay you back.

Dude just got dulac'ed!!!!
by the fn mann July 12, 2013

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