Noun: A term used for the old, larger, xbox controllers.
Haha bitch! You have to use the duke!
by TheTussin November 29, 2004
twin piston engined aircraft built by beechcraft in the late 70's that was a bit of a dog
cruising at FL130 in the pressurized cabin of a duke
by slojo October 05, 2004
refering to a person
you not like me duke
by Michael May 18, 2003
Pulling a duke is when someone smashes one truck into the back of another truck and or suburban.
Errrrrr......... Scrreeeech .... Bang! Dang dude you just pulled a Duke!
by Evan Sarah Will January 23, 2008
Dukes is an area in the video game: Grand Theft Auto 4, in which it is resembles The New York area: Queens.
To Get To Algonquin we need to drive through Dukes
by GTA Fan April 11, 2007
Posessing the ability to compete, succeed, or or attain a goal or status.
Positive: I railed that chick last night, and she said I had mad dukes.

Negative: I tried to rail your mom last night, and found out she was a lesbian. I got no dukes.

(In the style of Adam Sandler's Talking Goat sketch.)
by Cliffy September 01, 2003
Supreme Being over everyone else.
The Duke pwnd us all.
by Duke March 21, 2005

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