1.A fist, plurally said as dukes meaning two fists
2.The act of striking a person or thing with a fist
1.Put up your dukes
2.That punk was talk'n shit so I duked him in the head
by Grant106 May 13, 2005
slang term for Daisy Dukes, short shorts that accentuate a girl's booty
Adina Howard can be seen in them in her "Freak Like Me" video and female rap artists will make reference to them:

"You know I'm goin' be on 6-1 with Dukes on, yeah I'm doo-doo brown..." -Jacki-O (Dade County Clap)
by YAHFA May 04, 2005
derived from the Latin dux, meaning "a leader;" Arabic, "a sheik." This word is
used to denote the phylarch or chief of a tribe, man of the highest grade of the peerage in Great Britain.
Duke is da highest paid clothng designer in da world with da clothing line paasion
by dukesta March 29, 2005
If you can't decide if someone is a dick or a douche, they can be a Duke. Often refers to competitors in business. Someone who is not well liked.
Secured this piece of business from that duke over at XYZ company.
by stmshppr February 22, 2010
An absolutely metal-to-the-core kid, who can't be stopped because he's fueled by the power of a true God.
Hey Duke! Sup?
by sharonterror September 02, 2009
A heterosexual male who physically and fashionably resembles a lesbian. Has a dyke aesthetic. Is a dude that dresses like a dyke.
Chris Gaines, Pete Wentz, and Jon Bon Jovi are all dukes.
by boobs420 February 21, 2010
a douche bag and a dick
ur a duke
by cobinder October 25, 2008

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