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a cigarette
yo man, you want a duke?
by cmrf11 July 26, 2011
basicilly a kid with a huge dick. looks great, smells great, and all the ladies want him. great at sports also. great sense of humor.
he ashualy dit it. Duke is such a stud
by Anonymau5ee January 02, 2011
(verb) to completely ignore people's IM's and make up bs stories the next day when inquired. People are especially duked when the person is:

1. doing acadec work
2. catching 'em all.
3. staring at his physics book with passion
4. frustrated from not being able to catch magikarp
5. reading the latest reviews on the newest pokemon game
6. memorizing all 151 original pokemon names
cool duck
victim of duke-hey, why didn't you respond to my IMs last night?
duke-r-oh, uh, I was afk catching charmander.
victim-you already caught him on Diamond, dude
duke-r-yeah, but not on Fire Red....
by number1coolduckfan May 11, 2010
slang term for Daisy Dukes, short shorts that accentuate a girl's booty
Adina Howard can be seen in them in her "Freak Like Me" video and female rap artists will make reference to them:

"You know I'm goin' be on 6-1 with Dukes on, yeah I'm doo-doo brown..." -Jacki-O (Dade County Clap)
by YAHFA May 04, 2005
Duke is a form for homosexuall hacking activity, and a physical need for oral gay sex.
I want to Duke- you zeazvakt! Please...
by Henrik November 03, 2003
somebody that thinks they are cool, strong, and smart but are the exact opposite
that guy thinks hes got futuristic swag but hes really duke
by 0951 March 03, 2011
v. the act of clicking 'like' on one's own comments or status updates.
Hey, man, I can't believe you Duked that last comment you made on Becky's embarassing status update.

Duking your own quotes on social networking sites is the kind of awesome which cannot be taught.
by DorkLogic September 25, 2010