Daisy duke shorts worn by men in an athletic or non athletic nature. Usually worn by men name "bill" who may or may not harbour an unnatural fear of snakes.
I put my Dukes on today when I went for a run and kept them on at the office underneath my pants
by optigirl October 16, 2010
(verb) to completely ignore people's IM's and make up bs stories the next day when inquired. People are especially duked when the person is:

1. doing acadec work
2. catching 'em all.
3. staring at his physics book with passion
4. frustrated from not being able to catch magikarp
5. reading the latest reviews on the newest pokemon game
6. memorizing all 151 original pokemon names
cool duck
victim of duke-hey, why didn't you respond to my IMs last night?
duke-r-oh, uh, I was afk catching charmander.
victim-you already caught him on Diamond, dude
duke-r-yeah, but not on Fire Red....
by number1coolduckfan May 11, 2010
1. The act of having anal sex
2. A particularly large piece of shit
3. A clenched fist
1. That girl has some freaky badonkadonk, I'd duke her without question!
2. Hey guys I'll be right back, I gotta drop a duke real quick.
3. Put up your duke's!
by Luke Alden April 03, 2006
If you can't decide if someone is a dick or a douche, they can be a Duke. Often refers to competitors in business. Someone who is not well liked.
Secured this piece of business from that duke over at XYZ company.
by stmshppr February 22, 2010
-Another name for famous western movie star John Wayne.

-Slang term for the original Microsoft Xbox controllers that were very large and bulky.
"Duke was the star of that movie we watched last night."

"Do I need to bring a controller or do you have one?
No, its okay you can use the Duke."
by TribeofSimeon July 10, 2008
First in command of G.I. Joe
Duke was my favorite G.I. Joe
by FFA September 22, 2005
slang term for Daisy Dukes, short shorts that accentuate a girl's booty
Adina Howard can be seen in them in her "Freak Like Me" video and female rap artists will make reference to them:

"You know I'm goin' be on 6-1 with Dukes on, yeah I'm doo-doo brown..." -Jacki-O (Dade County Clap)
by YAHFA May 04, 2005

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