To ejaculate into ones own eyeball.
Eric duked himself in the eye and now because of that he is blind.
by BENISS August 29, 2010
to bribe or slip money to in a clandestine way; it's done by folding the bill three times, slipping it under the thumb, and passing it inconspicuously, like in a handshake

this has a multitude of uses, from getting a decent table in a restaurant to getting into a club when you don't have a hot chick on your arm; commonly done in major metropolitan areas (NYC, LA, etc.)
"So, how do you get a good table?"
"Just duke the maître d' a ten. Never fails."

"I duked the doorman a twenty to watch my car as I ran inside the hotel.
Candy would be done with Killian and the other bikers. I had to get in and out quick."
by CodeBlue40 November 13, 2008
A name you can call someone, replaces their actual name. Often replaces "him" or "dude."
Sam: "What's up duke?"
Charles: "Nothing what about you dude?"

Brian: "What do you think about John?"
Kevin: "Duke is cool."
by Duke Bruh July 22, 2013
The most important person you will ever meet. Duke. A one word persona - Like Cher, Madonna, but nothing like Brittany.

A natural phenomena of character, wit, charm all rolled into one unbelievable individual.
Duke: A natural phenomena of character, wit, charm all rolled into one unbelievable individual.
by Utinga July 06, 2011
A word started in South Philadelphia which is Gummy bears that have vodka poured all over it and then put in the refrigerator and then taken out and taste just like vodka
Get the dukes out the freezer before they lose all the liquor drains out

I had about 30 dukes last night and was hungover for the whole day

I need to pop a few dukes tonight
by Ace2487 August 19, 2014
Duke: an irish word for to go somewhere
Colm, "hey lads are ye gona duke into coppers later?"
by Ledgend101 May 10, 2011
When an individual corners another, often late at night and sometimes while intoxicated, and expresses their deep devotion and undying fraternal love to that person, to the point that one or both parties become uncomfortable.
"Did you see Jenny duke Martha last night? Totally sweet, but sort of unsettling."
"Every time he dukes me I feel like that cat in the old Looney Tunes cartoons when she's trying to escape from Pepe LePew."
by Magnus Leblonde November 03, 2013

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