To ejaculate into ones own eyeball.
Eric duked himself in the eye and now because of that he is blind.
by BENISS August 29, 2010
A word that originated in western Massachusetts used to refer to a cigarette. It became popularized around 2006 by the local music scene in Pittsfield and now it is used by mostly everyone between the ages of 16 and 22 in the western MA area.
Let's go smoke a duke
by frmrecon1538 August 11, 2010
a fist(always plural)
C,mon chicken, put up your dukes and fight.
by Light Joker February 14, 2005
to bribe or slip money to in a clandestine way; it's done by folding the bill three times, slipping it under the thumb, and passing it inconspicuously, like in a handshake

this has a multitude of uses, from getting a decent table in a restaurant to getting into a club when you don't have a hot chick on your arm; commonly done in major metropolitan areas (NYC, LA, etc.)
"So, how do you get a good table?"
"Just duke the maître d' a ten. Never fails."

"I duked the doorman a twenty to watch my car as I ran inside the hotel.
Candy would be done with Killian and the other bikers. I had to get in and out quick."
by CodeBlue40 November 13, 2008
Duke: an irish word for to go somewhere
Colm, "hey lads are ye gona duke into coppers later?"
by Ledgend101 May 10, 2011
what you would say to a person if you don't wanna say their name, see dude. also, how you would refer to someone you dont know.
a. whattup duke!
b. man, you see that duke over there? he's one crazy mudda....
by the runna August 26, 2006
Duke is the warped word of "douche" and "dick". It is a highly offensive word when used since you are essentially calling someone a douche and a dick at the same time.
hey man, can i have some money to buy a sandwich? im really hungry
no man.

ah man dont be such a duke.
by kezen June 24, 2016
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