a woman wit a big ass
Dammmmmmmmnn! That bitch got duke!
by Nighttrain July 26, 2005
Dukes, the Golden Child from the MMORPGs Maisemore and Teut made by Crazed Monkeys!
Have you seen Dukes today? He's got the blingy gold clothes on!
by Ella March 11, 2005
A gender-neutral/gender-queer/transgender parent; a parent who does not feel completely male or female
J doesn't feel comfortable being called "mom" or "dad" because s/he doesn't feel as though s/he fits the mold of any one gender; therefore, hir kids call hir "Dukes".
by Nik June 03, 2004
A female that has a large amount of ass
"Look at dat female, don't she got duke?!
by LIL John aka Johnathan February 05, 2004
The indicators on a cell phone or other electronic device showing strength of signal (dukes) or remaining battery (power dukes).
"I'll just say I had no dukes when she called - so she doesn't think I'm ignoring her."
by KebLu July 17, 2005
a term or meaning of a stupid person...
"whats up wit dem dukes?"
by Antino Hopkins November 12, 2007
Combination between dick and douche.
Stop being such a duke, Ken.
by DCack August 27, 2006

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