adj. 1. Of or possessing qualities deemed attractive by the speaker, applicable to female members of the species exclusively 2. Manifesting female physical attributes considered of rare form and quality by a majority of those present 3. Suitable for intercourse, fellatio, or other means of close fraternization
A: Biddies, 3'Oclock
B: Duke?
A: Sooooooo duuuuke.

A: Yo, your mom's pretty duke.
B: Shut up, dude.
A: No, I'm serious.
B: I know, I said shut up.
A: ........
B: ........
A: Duuuuuke.
by AS Zero December 14, 2004
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a word that I looked up to see people's opinions on the basketball team, but instead i got mostly horribly disgusting sexual definitions.
I never knew "duke" was a slang word for butt sex.
by The Beverly Hills Cat Burglar March 29, 2005
The name of the talking dog for Bush's Baked Beans.

Bet you weren't expecting that def.
Of course Duke won't sell the secret family recipe.
by Sid Barrett April 07, 2008
Dukes simply means Parents
I'm going somewhere with the dukes
by Curiiousz* October 26, 2007
To take a shit, typically a large one. You generally have to spend a few extra minutes more than normal to fully recover from this one.
Hey, Frank, you go on without me; I gotta take a duke. I'll meet you guys there when I'm done.
by saltydoug May 02, 2005
1.) Fists.

2.)One's hands clenched tight together to form deadly weapons often called FISTS in order to defeat an advisary.

3.) The act of duking it out, to fight, to rumble, and / or lay the smack down thick.
"Put up your dukes, and lets rumble"

"Lets duke it out. first one to cry is a yancy pants."
by DerekForReal November 02, 2005
The most important person you will ever meet. Duke. A one word persona - Like Cher, Madonna, but nothing like Brittany.

A natural phenomena of character, wit, charm all rolled into one unbelievable individual.
Duke: A natural phenomena of character, wit, charm all rolled into one unbelievable individual.
by Utinga July 06, 2011
A name you can call someone, replaces their actual name. Often replaces "him" or "dude."
Sam: "What's up duke?"
Charles: "Nothing what about you dude?"

Brian: "What do you think about John?"
Kevin: "Duke is cool."
by Duke Bruh July 22, 2013
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