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a team of non-rapists whose sport and reputations have been destroyed due to over-exploitation and ignorance. many people like to talk about the duke rape case but they actually have very few of the facts (the rest of which they make up in accordance to their own opinions) and jump to conclusions and uninformed decisions.
"Someone knocked a guy unconcious at Cook Out because he was wearing a Duke Lacrosse team shirt? What a fool."
by * voice of reason * May 17, 2006
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A group of young men whom exemplify what can go wrong when alcohol, strippers, rich whites, masked racial tensions, unequal wealth distribution, and Eurocentric attitudes are combined in a non-business setting to produce an extraordinarily unsavory outcome.
"Mothers, make sure you lock up your daughters, the Duke lacrosse team is having a party tonight."
by Farrakhan April 11, 2006

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