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A fancy way of saying "yo". Fancy mostly because of the use of the letter 'u' immideatly followed by a 'j'.

Can be followed by 'jud?' ("sup?") for a combo of fancines.

*Should only be utilized online, real world useage is just retarded*
duj! jud? Same.
duj, got my _____?
by cramp October 05, 2005
A human of Asian heritage or background. Usually a racist comment, although not in all cases. Short for dujon.
1) Shit, that stupid duj just cut me off!!
2)Did you see that duj? She was hot!!
by Booyahtron August 02, 2004
Duji (heroin). Specifically H and not just any opiate or narcotic.
"I'm gonna go cop some duj now."
by Straight Shooter September 17, 2004