a bird..

better known as a "pidgeon"

its a bird, its sexy, and it eats about almost everything..
wow, thats a wicked duif !

omg, its a duif !!
by Spooner February 23, 2005
Top Definition
Word for all birds, like when you see a bird you say:

(1 duif, 2 duiven)
You: Hey, check that duif!
Other: Zomg duiven r teh leeb!
by ELX[Draco] February 23, 2005
its a sexy bird.. w0rd

aka OMFG, r0x0rz its a DUIF, with bombs... wtf they're bombing Eindhoven !!!
0|\/|G +0+4|_ 122+|\|355 @@

some words for the words
by Rick February 23, 2005
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