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duh-masses (noun) opposite of conspiracy theorists. believes everything the government and mainstream media tell them. proud not to be conspiracy theorists. sheeple.

most all the mainstreamers, most of the republicans, democrats and tea partiers and ANYBODY WHO USES THE ABUSE BUTTON for any reason BUT ESPECIALLY TO SILENCE OPINIONS, NEWS OR CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES THAT DIFFERS FROM YOURS.

From dictionary.com (pertaining to, involving, or affecting a large number of people) – “masses”

From dictionary.com (slang an ironic response to a question or statement, implying that the speaker is stupid or that the reply is obvious)- “duh”

thus forming the group “duh-masses”.
those conspiracy theroists are some critical thinkers, their theories are scary but i don't agree because i'm a mainstreamer and proud to be one of the duh-masses
by Rebels50 June 06, 2011