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To reach a pinnacle of success despite the heavy use of drugs and hookers. The person who reaches this pinnacle usually has tiger's blood flowing through them.
Interviewer: So what have you been doing lately?

Winner: Duh winning, why else would I have tiger's blood flow through my veins?

Interviewer: Maybe cause you got Hep C from all those hookers.
#sheen #winning #hookers #drugs #coke #hep c #blow #tiger's blood
by Taco Van March 10, 2011
The state of being an out-of-control, talented, yet egomanical drug addict while insisting publicly that you're clean and that anyone who calls you out is a moron.
"Dude! I think you need help. You just got fired for driving your sports car into a tree while under the influence of coke, meth and alcohol."

"Duh! Winning!"
#addict #denial #alcoholic #womanizer #asshole #drunk
by zenpunkbiker March 05, 2011
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